Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Super Bowl of Food

For me this year, the super bowl was really all about the food. We went to a friend's house for the game, and while there, I only left the kitchen for maybe a total of 5 minutes. It's not only where the women were hanging out, it's also where all of the food was - and thus where I was!

Our contribution to this food event was goat cheese and chorizo rolls. We pretty much followed this recipe from Food & Wine magazine to a tee, except that I used fresh chorizo sausage instead of dried. I used two sausages, split them open and browned the meat in a pan before adding it to the goat cheese and chive mixture. The H was in charge of working with the fillo dough and he did a fantastic job.

H's fillo skills at work - look with what speed he's rolling!
The final product tasted fantastic - although I wouldn't recommend these for transporting in a cab to a party. They got soggy pretty quickly.

before the sog set in
Another food highlight (lowlight?) from the party was the aptly named, "Bacon Explosion," which consisted of bacon wrapped around sausage wrapped around bacon - with barbecue sauce on top. I just couldn't bring myself to try this phenomonenon, but H did and said it was everything he thought it would be. Does that sound good or bad?

an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in bacon

And that folks, are all the highlights I'm really concerned about from that game. Until next year, when a PA team is hopefully in play.....

Friday, February 3, 2012

The coffee lady

I ride the train to work everyday. And a good number of those days I stop at a kiosk in the station to get some coffee. And it's always the same lady that sells it to me. And I cannot get her to smile at me. Or exchange any pleasantries for that matter.

I really don't expect much, but for someone I interact with almost everyday, would a smile be so bad? I stand there grinning at her full on....and nothin. And you can't miss my smile. I have a huge mouth.

I know she's capable of it. I've heard her have whole conversations with other customers. But with me? Nada.

Part of me says to leave the poor woman alone. Maybe she's just extra grumpy in the mornings. Maybe she's shy and takes a while to warm up to someone. But I'm not buying it. I can be those things, too.

Not one to be defeated, I tried again this morning. "Good morning!" [beaming at her]...nothing. "Thank you! Have a good weekend!"


I got a response! True, she didn't make eye contact with me, and "bye" (I didn't even get the "good" with it) isn't much, but it was something! I'm not giving up on that coffee lady yet.

a begrudgingly bestowed coffee

In other news - I created this entry in the Blogger app for iPhone. Could this be the answer to my time management problems?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too many distractions - too little blogging

The problem here is that I just have trouble finding time to write on this blog.

In this photo alone, you can see three major distractions I'm facing. There's the purple textbook waiting to be read on the coffee table; there's the shearling blanket waiting to be fallen asleep under on the sofa; and there's the Phoebe-cat waiting to jump on my lap and be petted. How, exactly, am I supposed to fit blogging into this?